Better Digestion

A good digestion is very important in order to feel healthy. A slow digestion interferes with the correct assimilation of nutrients and hinders the elimination of toxins from the body. SOW® products contain a high amount of dietary fiber with an ideal balance between soluble and insoluble fiber that will help you in this process.

The soluble fiber, when in contact with liquid, forms a gel that significantly increases its volume and ability to circulate through the intestine, stimulating the digestive system and reducing intestinal transit time, something very beneficial for our health by allowing the elimination of toxic waste.

Insoluble fiber, as its name suggests, is not capable of being solubilized in water, but it is capable of retaining it in its structure, raising its volume. This allows the increase of intestinal mobility, especially in the colon, helping to prevent and mitigate certain digestive disorder such as constipation.

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